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Build Me One!

First, let me state that I make lamps as a hobby, not as a business ... as such, I'd like to establish an appropriate level of expectation for my lamps:


I always try to make each lamp a quality piece ... but as with any handcrafted piece (especially one employing used musical instruments), there are bound to be defects or irregularities.


If you're in a hurry, I may not be able to help you ... between other hobbies and commitments, it can take months for me to complete a lamp, and I've had more than one customer tire of waiting (which I regret, but completely understand) ... but if I commit to a date, I will do my best to hit it

bulletI am always willing to give you a firm quote or a max price before asking you to commit to the process ... no deposit is required before I begin to build the lamp, but I will ask for full payment before I ship it (I accept PayPal, if that helps).

Following is a table showing my backlog of projects ... I'll try to keep it up to date so that you will have an idea of who might be in line ahead of you ... those that don't have dates mentioned will be built as I can make time:


Where's it going?

Project Notes

Clarinet (mine, #4)


in process (and long overdue!)

Trumpet (mine, TBD)



Bassoon (mine, TBD)



Clarinet (mine, TBD)



Flute (customer's)



Trombone (mine, TBD)

South Dakota

due March 2012

The first question I usually get is "how much will it cost"?  So I've put together this page to help answer that question, as well as to explain some of the choices that must be made before I can start on your lamp.

Clarinet and Flute Lamps, assuming relatively basic features, typically cost about $125-$150 plus shipping.  Trumpet Lamps are usually toward the high end of that same range due to the cost of the instrument.  Trombone Lamps typically start at $150 (plus shipping) and go up.  If you look around, I think you'll find these to be about half (or less) of what you will pay for similar lamps elsewhere, but it's still a lot money for a lamp, so I won't be offended if you don't want to spend that much.

If you have an instrument that you want me to use, then the cost will be less - by perhaps $30 to $40 - for the above lamp types.

Other lamps.  Costs will vary widely ... my rule of thumb is that the price will be between $100 and $200, plus the cost of the instrument and shipping ... that's a very large range, but there are a lot of variables that must be determined ... here is an overview:


Instrument.  If you do not have a musical instrument for me to use, I will procure one for you (or you can select from something that I already have in stock if you wish ... click here to see what I have in stock).  The instruments that I buy for this purpose vary widely, but typically cost $30 and up for clarinets, flutes or trombones, or $40 and up for trumpets or cornets ... and on up to several hundred dollars for a something like a bassoon.  I will also need to know whether you want it to look shiny and new, or tarnished with extra personality so that I can select an instrument especially for you.


Shade.  After the instrument, the shade is perhaps the biggest variable ... there are nice looking off-the-shelf shades for $15, but often a custom shade is the thing that really sets the lamp into its intended atmosphere ... if you want a custom shade, you can select the fabric, or you can direct me to purchase the fabric and I will have a shade made for you, typically for about $35-$45 depending on the size and the cost of the fabric.


           (three fabric choices for a padauk base)                   (the finished shade ... sorry that the photo is a bit washed out)


Base.  My early lamp bases were mostly made from oak lumber, or were pre-fabricated marble and similar materials, but lately I have really enjoyed working with exotic woods for my bases (see photos of a few examples below, all of which are shown in their natural colors) ... and I am starting to experiment with other materials such as solid surface (e.g., "Corian").  If you would prefer a basic base (is that redundant?), no problem, and it'll save you some money, but I'm happy to explore and try new things as well.  Costs for the base can range from a few dollars to $50 or more.


bloodwood                                                          purpleheart



           quebracho                                                     African Coralwood (padauk)


Socket and Switch.  There are a number of options for turning the lamp on and off ... push-through socket ... twist-knob socket (on-off or 3-way) ... pull-chain socket (on-off or 3-way) ... separate switch on the base or elsewhere on the lamp ... I've built a few touch lamps, but the circuitry has proven to be unreliable so I don't build them any more..


Finial. How would you like to top off your lamp?  There are more choices than you can shake a treble clef at ... and a wide range of costs as well, from a couple of dollars up to $15 or more ...


Still interested?  Drop me a note and we'll get things started!

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